“Monday Couple” tuy nhiên Ji Hyo & Kang Gary stays a beautiful memory in the hearts of Running Man fans.

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For Running Man fans, Monday Couple a.k.a Song Ji Hyo & Kang Gary is a special memory of the show that they always treasure. Thanks khổng lồ their sweet và heart-fluttering moments, the two were enthusiastically shipped by the viewers và other cast members. Everyone used lớn hope that the two would become a couple in real life. But now, everything is left in the past as Kang Gary has left the show, got married và had children of his own.

Recently, netizens recall the moment Gary was mentioned on Running Man with “ex” tuy vậy Ji Hyo. When the members were playing cupid for the maknae, because Se Chan rejected the invitation lớn have a private meal with So Min, Ji Hyo advised him lớn try opening up to So Min. Kim Jong Kook then caused “Mong” Ji Hyo to lớn be speechless when he unexpectedly brought up the regrettable “love story” of Monday Couple. According khổng lồ Kim Jong Kook, Monday Couple could have appeared together on The Return Of siêu nhân (a reality show about celebrity father and son) if Ji Hyo had accepted Gary’s feelings in the past.

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Se Chan rejected the invitation to have a private meal with So Min và was advised by Ji Hyo lớn accept it
Kim Jong Kook then said that Monday couple could have appeared together on The Return Of anh kiệt if Ji Hyo had accepted Gary’s feelings in the past
Gary was suddenly brought up a long time after leaving the show 
“Blank Ji Hyo” is embarrassed and says that she & Gary don’t have a relationship lượt thích everyone thinks

Song Ji Hyo – Gary is the most famous couple in the history of Running Man. Fans once passionately paired these two together and even hoped that they could date in real life. However, in 2016, Gary left the show and officially married his non-showbiz wife. It’s even more shocking when the male rapper announced his marriage & had a baby shortly after, but he was still very tight-lipped when it came khổng lồ his family. Although they did not have the desired ending, tuy nhiên Ji Hyo & Gary are still a legendary couple when it comes to lớn love lines in Korean reality show history.

In the past 2 years, the Kang family has gradually opened up and become more public since they participated in the reality show “The Return Of Superman”. The fans couldn’t help but feel happy because they finally got lớn see the famous beauty of Gary’s wife. Up to now, fans have gradually accepted that Gary has his own happy family with his wife and children and no longer regretted his departure from “Running Man”.

Kang Gary’s happy family is loved by the audience after appearing on “The Return Of Superman” Song Ji Hyo and Gary’s sweet interaction still makes fans flutter every time they watch it