Lee Min-ho once dated Suzy Bae. While they parted ways after dating for three years, a source at the time they began dating revealed The King: Eternal Monarch star was the one who made the move.


Lee Min Ho Rewind: When actor asked Suzy Bae out; The Heirs teo star Kim Woo Bin had NO idea they were dating
Fans of The King: Eternal Monarch are begging Lee Min-ho lớn date his co-star Kim Go-eun. His Instagram comments lately are filled with fans shipping the duo after they enjoyed their on-screen chemistry. While the actors' are yet to lớn address the frenzy, Min-ho has been single for a while now. The actor last dated Suzy Bae. The singer-actress và the popular South Korean actor dated for three years before they parted ways. While fans still miss the power nguồn couple, did you know which of the two stars took the initiative?

Well, back in 2015, a Soompi report revealed that it was the Legend of the blue Sea star who took the first step and asked Suzy out. An acquaintance of the actor reportedly revealed that Min-ho likes women who are "bright and cute". The source added, "Suzy fit that ideal type perfectly.”

Min-ho was attracted to Suzy và it is said he proactively approached the gorgeous Korean star. Suzy went on to lớn attend the VIP screening of Min-ho's movie Gangnam 1970 at the time. Another grapevine also told the press at the time, "His personality made it a difficult choice for him khổng lồ approach her at first, because he was worried that it would affect her more negatively.” However, the actor did make the move. The duo went on lớn grow close in their first meeting. "They were both busy with their schedules & commercial shoots, but they made time to lớn see each other và go on dates," another source added.

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Min-ho & Suzy were spotted a couple of times, with Dispatch releasing photos of the duo to further fuel speculations of the couple's relationship. Eventually, both the actors' agency confirmed that they were indeed dating. Min-ho’s then agency Starhaus Entertainment issued a statement confirming their relationship.In March 2015, a statement was issued confirming the duo was dating for two months by then. "This is a response khổng lồ the reports made by Korean news today. The two have been meeting for about one month now, và are carefully continuing their relationship.

We would lượt thích for you to lớn look on the two kindly," the statement read. Suzy's agency JYP Entertainment also confirmed the news eventually.

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While the world was buzzing with the news of the duo's relationship, Min-ho's The Heirs aka The Inheritors co-star Kim Woo Bin had no idea that Min-ho was dating Suzy. During an interview with Osen, around the time Min-ho và Suzy confirmed their relationship status, Woo Bin was asked about the couple's news. “I had no idea. I haven’t had a chance lớn see the news article yet. Can I see the report?” he asked before he was handed over the máy vi tính to read the report. The South Korean actor then joked, “I guess I won’t be able to contact Min Ho hyung for the time being.”

The couple went on khổng lồ celebrate three years of their relationship. During the second year, they threw a party as well, inviting their friends. However, the relationship ended. “It’s true that they have broken up. They have decided khổng lồ remain good friends in the industry," JYP Entertainment said at the time. "It is true that they both broke up recently. The reasons và exact time period is a personal matter so we cannot confirm that. Please understand," MYM Entertainment added.

Fast forward to lớn 2020, Min-ho has been busy with work. The actor recently wrapped The King: Eternal Monarch và teased he is looking at scripts in his recent Instagram post. The actor also celebrated his birthday last month where he was flooded with wishes from across the globe and gifts from fans at his home. The actor had shared a clip of the same on his Instagram. Min-ho was also in the news recently when he visited Woo vì chưng Hwan before the latter enlisted for the military. The two had grown close on the sets of the SBS drama which ended a few weeks ago. The actors shared the heartwarming pictures on their respective Instagram accounts. Kiểm tra out the photos in the liên kết below.