Why should you visit ong lang beach in phu quoc island?

Ong Lang Beach Phu Quoc, known as the "Maldives of the pearl island", is renowned for its peaceful beauty intermixed with a bit of wildness, which makes it especially suitable for a romantic trip.

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Ong Lang Beach is one of the top-rated beaches in the journey khổng lồ explore this stunning island. Besides a vibrant Phu Quoc, you will enjoy memorable moments of relaxation and tranquility with your family, relatives or friends on this beautiful và rustic beach. Explore with us!

1. About Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc

Ong Lang beach is located on the west coast of Phu Quoc island, which is about 7 kilometers away from Duong Dong town center. Although it is located between Cua Can and Duong Dong town, in contrast lớn the bustle và hustle of Sao Beach or tị Dau, Ong Lang brings a peaceful beauty khổng lồ help you get away from the smog of urbanization, which not all Phu Quoc beaches can still preserve.

Ong Lang possesses a golden sand beach và a turquoise xanh sea. It is hard for anyone khổng lồ come here without trying lớn soak in the seawater for a long time to feel the ocean waves, which give you a strange sense of relaxation. The wide field of grass and shade caressed by the cool sea breezes add to the peacefulness lớn create a beautiful picture of nature.


In the temperate climate of Phu Quoc, you can go khổng lồ Ong Lang beach at any time of the year. However, the best season khổng lồ explore this beach is from November lớn April. At this time, Ong Lang enters the dry season, with high temperatures and little rain, và the sea surface is calm. Everything is flawless so tourists can have a safe and memorable beach trip.

2. What to bởi vì on Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc?

Currently, Ong Lang beach has become a famous destination on the tourist map of Phu Quoc. Escaping the bustle of a busy city, tourists come to lớn this beautiful place khổng lồ immerse themselves in the clear blue water, enjoy the soothing sea breeze, go for a walk to watch the sunset, or just have a break from their work. You can have so many unforgettable moments with your friends & family when everyone gathers at a BBQ party in the middle of nature...

Here are some suggestions that you can refer khổng lồ explore Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc fully & with the most memories:

2.1. Swimming

Coming to Ong Lang beach, you can immerse yourself in the cool và fresh water. The beach can be described in an endless number of ways. It"s refreshing, beautiful, và chilly. If you want a healthy tan, you can lie on the smooth white sand for hours without anyone disturbing you.


2.2. Diving - fishing

If you are an ocean lover, scuba diving và fishing will be indispensable activities that you should not miss when visiting Ong Lang beach. The mild weather in Phu Quoc is the best condition for marine life to lớn flourish. Hidden deep under the sea is a beautiful world with brilliant coral reefs, green seagrass beds, schools of fish swimming around. All these things make a gorgeous picture that mother nature has bestowed on Phu Quoc.


Along with scuba diving, fishing is also an activity worth trying when tourists come lớn Ong Lang. And you don"t need lớn have good fishing skills, the staff on the boat or canoe will help you have a good harvest of fish and squids at this beach in Phu Quoc.

2.3. Kayaking


Boating is also an interesting activity that a lot of tourists want to experience at Ong Lang beach. You can rent a kayak khổng lồ paddle around the beach or go to Cua Can River to see the idyllic life of fishermen on both sides of the river & admire the panorama of picturesque primeval forests.

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2.4. Admiring the sunset


Ong Lang Beach is considered the most beautiful sunset spot in Phu Quoc. Sunset time varies from 5:45 p.m to 6:15 p.m depending on the month. When sunset falls, everything around is dyed in a thắm thiết pink-orange color, from the rows of green trees, the long beach, the vast sky to the fishing boats bobbing with the waves in the distance,… all of which make an outstanding sunset picture.

In the middle of this perfect space, tourists can sit back, listen to, admire the sound of the waves crashing và even the sound of the wind & feel this beautiful moment. & don"t miss the chance to take amazing photos of this place.

3. What to lớn eat on Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc?


Ong Lang beach attracts tourists not only with its poetic scenery but also with its tasty and unique cuisine.

The seafood in Ong Lang sea is a specialty of Phu Quoc. Numerous tourists are attracted to this beach due khổng lồ the fresh & rich seafood here. Some famous dishes that are worth mentioning are herring salad, grilled porcupine with onion fat, grouper grilled fish, sea cucumber, etc. You can buy seafood from restaurants or local markets, và don"t forget khổng lồ ask the seller khổng lồ prepare the food at a very good price. Or you can directly order the foods from Ong Lang beach restaurants according to the suggested menus, which are also very delicious and economical.Barbecue: Ong Lang Beach with its wide green field of grass và gentle sandy beach will be an ideal place for outdoor BBQ parties. You can buy seafood from Duong Dong market, then go to lớn the beach lớn rent coal and have an on-site oven to gather with your friends & family. In the midst of this poetic & majestic scenery, there is nothing more interesting than enjoying the food while listening to lớn the sound of the waves.

4. Where to stay on Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc?


Although it is still very wild here, you still have many options for accommodation when you come to lớn Ong Lang beach. You can stay at the hotels alongside the beach lớn go traveling and sightseeing with convenience. However, it is a bit quiet here, so if you want to lớn find a more dynamic và comfortable space khổng lồ rest & regain strength, you can consider sushibarhanoi.com Phu Quoc.

Located in Bai dẻo area, ghen tuông Dau commune, Phu Quoc city, sushibarhanoi.com Phu Quoc is only about 20-25 kilometers away from Ong Lang beach, which makes it very convenient to lớn travel. Here, sushibarhanoi.com Phu Quoc includes 7 luxury hotels và resorts such assushibarhanoi.com Resort & Golf Phu Quoc, sushibarhanoi.com Resort & Spa Phu Quoc, sushibarhanoi.com Discovery Wonderworld Phu Quoc, VinOasis Phu Quoc, sushibarhanoi.com Discovery Coastalland Phu Quoc, VinHolidays Fiesta Phu Quoc, sushibarhanoi.com Discovery Greenhill Phu Quoc. All of them have a system of 5-star standard rooms with full first-class facilities, a world of international cuisine, & top-notch entertainment activities, which meet all the needs for relaxation and entertainment.


In particular, among the hotels in Phu Quoc, sushibarhanoi.com Phu Quoc stands out with high-class amusement parks that bring the tourists amazing experiences such as VinWonders PhuQuoc, sushibarhanoi.com Safari PhuQuoc, sushibarhanoi.com Golf Phú Quốc. Stepping into this place, visitors will forget their way trang chủ and get lost in hundreds of adventure games while they discover the first and only semi-wild animal world in Vietnam.

5. Tips for Ong Lang beach tourists


To complete the journey khổng lồ explore Ong Lang beach, you need to note a few small points below:

Wear a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses… to protect your skin and eyes from the sun.Bring a swimsuit for swimming & remember lớn dress up for your fancy photos.If you organize a seafood barbecue on the beach or other fun activities such as team building, volleyball, etc., remember khổng lồ clean up the trash lớn protect the environment after finishing the activity.The rocky beach is very beautiful, but it is also covered with moss, so it is very slippery. If you climb up lớn take pictures, mind your steps.Ong Lang beach has a lot of grocery stores so you can travel light và buy anything that you did not bring.

Though not as famous as other Phu Quoc beaches, Ong Lang beach still has its own charm with its wild beauty, peaceful & poetic scenes. If you have the opportunity khổng lồ visit Phu Quoc island, bởi not forget lớn come lớn Ong Lang beach khổng lồ temporarily forget the hustle & bustle of the city, to once again enjoy the feeling of being truly immersed in nature.