Wet N Wild has recently launched in India. Today, I am going to chia sẻ my reviews of one of their products called the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation. Let’s get into the details.

Product Description: The foundation claims that they have undergone major testing after concluding that they deliver flawless makeup look every time. It states that it gives a matte finish look lớn your skin và also adds that it is suitable for oily skin. How true is this? Let us find out.

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Shelf Life : 1 yearColor : According to your skin shade (comes in 6 shades)Fragrance : No specific fragrance but is not bad.

My Experience

Let me start with the consistency of the foundation. It is a thin liquid that glides so well on the skin and blends effortlessly on it. Although I use both brush & sponge for my foundations, I prefer khổng lồ use brush here since it gives a good finishing on the skin even though the foundation is in a liquid texture.

The foundation is well pigmented that provides medium khổng lồ full coverage but you need khổng lồ mix and match the shade to achieve the full coverage.

Coming to lớn the matte finish it does control your oil & gives a matte finish but maximum for 3 hours depending on where you’re exposed mostly outdoors or indoors. And by 5 khổng lồ 6 hours the foundation starts to lớn wear off around your T zone due lớn the oil breaking down the foundation so you got to lớn reapply it.

How to use Wet và Wild Photo Focus Foundation?

Take a sufficient amount of the foundation & apply it in dots. Then, spread with a brush onto your skin.

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When to use Wet & Wild Photo Focus Foundation?

Use it before your makeup. This foundation is suitable for your day-look makeup.


It comes in a square glass bottle. It has a black cap & is quite travel-friendly as well.

Pros & Cons of Wet & Wild Photo Focus Foundation


Good coverage Matte finish Nice packaging.Easy khổng lồ use.Affordable.Liquid texture easily spreads.


Wears off within 4 hours Limited shades 

Final Verdict

The foundation is budget-friendly & gets the work done like an expensive foundation but could still be better. For me personally, I will not recommend this. Our Ratings : 6/10Price : INR 699 for 30 ml

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