My initial plan was to lớn treat maymight today – being two other important modal verbs, But I had lớn change the plan based on two related questions/requests that I received from some readers.They want lớn know which is correct between you & I & you và me. I guess that we can quickly khuyến mãi with this because many other people are confused over the correct usage of the expressions. Yet, I want to compound the question before we get the solution.Why vì chưng we say you & I và not I & you; and why you and me instead of me & you? In other words, which of the following statements bởi you consider incorrect?I và John attended the school.

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John và I attended the school. Me & John attended the school. John và me attended the school. I and you will go there tomorrow.

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You và I will go there tomorrow. He wants to see me & you. He wants to see you và me. Others first, self last
Unlike a language, such as Yoruba, which has specific grammatical elements to lớn indicate respect for elders, English does not really differentiate between ages. For instance, Yoruba has o as a pronoun for a young person or one’s mate and won for an elder:O ti lo (He has gone – for one’s mate or younger fellow.) Won ti lo (He has gone – for an elder.)
 But, in English, it is the he you use to refer lớn a male child that you use khổng lồ identify his father – just as sheyou remain constant. The English people, however, accommodate politeness & they demonstrate this with some grammatical choices or rules.One of such is that in phrases where the speaker and other people are doing something or receiving the action, others should come first, followed by the speaker or writer:I & Wizkid entered the hall at the same time (Wrong)Wizkid and I entered the hall at the same time (Correct) They clapped for me & Wizkid (Wrong)  They clapped for Wizkid and me. (Correct) The governor abused me và you. (Wrong)
The governor abused you & me. (Correct)In all the correct sentences, we accord the other people the first mention khổng lồ show politeness. If you thus go back to the opening eight clauses that I asked you lớn study, you should be able to lớn explain why numbers 1, 3, 5 & 7 are not right. Instead, it is numbers 2, 4, 6 và 8 that are correct.I và John attended the school. (Wrong)John & I attended the school. (Correct)Me và John attended the school. (Wrong)John and me attended the school. (Correct)I và you will go there tomorrow. (Wrong)You and I will go there tomorrow. (Correct) He wants khổng lồ see me và you. (Wrong) He wants khổng lồ see you and me. (Correct) You và …A lot of people bởi mix up you và I & you and me. Let me first cảnh báo that both are correct and they are allowed in standard English – unlike between you and me and between you và I where the latter is wrong.Remember, we dedicated a lesson khổng lồ between you & me versus between you và I last year & I noted that the correct expression is between you and me because, in English, it is the objective pronoun that normally follows between.Back khổng lồ you và I and you and me, both are acceptable, but they are used in different contexts. If you use one where you are supposed to use the other, you would be wrong. The basic point is that while you & I is used as the subject of a clause, you và me is chosen for the objective position. I hope you remember that the subject of a clause is the doer of the action, while the object is the receiver:John killed a snake. (‘John’ is the subject while ‘snake’ is the object.)
You và me must go there. (Wrong) You and I watched the match. (Correct) You & me watched the match. (Wrong) They abused you and me. (Correct)  They abused you and I. (Wrong)
The success of the programme depends on you và me. (Correct) The success of the programme depends on you & I. (Wrong)Whenever you get confused as to whether you should use you & I or you và me, break the compound subject or object down & see whether I or me will work:  They congratulated you. They congratulated me. They congratulated I. (Wrong) They congratulated you & me. (Correct)
They congratulated you and I. (Wrong) You washed the car. I washed the car. Me washed the car. (Wrong) You & I washed the car. (Correct) You và me washed the car. (Wrong)All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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