Black Panther vs Captain America: Who Won More of Their Comic Battles Captain America & Black Panther have fought many times in Marvel Comics, but which anh hùng of their nation won more fights than the other?

Captain-America-Black-Panther-Featured Both Captain America and đen Panther have fought together multiple times as members of the Avengers against the many supervillains of the Marvel Universe - but in grand comic book tradition, they"ve also fought each other. The King of Wakanda is often pitted against the Star-Spangled Man; both have similar powers & are each their respective nations" iconic superheroes. One might assume the two are relatively equally matched, but despite their similar powers & skillsets, there is a clear winner.Bạn vẫn xem: Captain america vs

Captain America and Black Panther couldn"t have come from more different backgrounds. Steve Rogers grew up in new york City during the Great Depression, the only son of Irish-immigrant parents. T"Challa, meanwhile, was born into the royal family of Wakanda, and as the son of King T"Chaka, was destined to lớn become king himself. He went to lớn the finest schools, received the best education và training, & as the black Panther, protects the people of Wakanda as both warrior and King.

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All of these advantages were granted to previous đen Panthers as well, leading to lớn Captain America"s first humiliating defeat.

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In Black Panther #2, Captain America was sent on a mission khổng lồ Wakanda in 1944 khổng lồ hunt down Nazi spies who would steal Wakandan technology. Unbeknownst lớn him, Wakanda had caught - & beheaded - the spies days ago. When Captain America trespassed on Wakandan soil, he encountered the black Panther of the era...and lost. Granted, this was Captain America at the start of his career without his Vibranium shield (and the đen Panther was Azzuri, grandfather of T"Challa), but this bout was a sign of things to lớn come.

It"s safe to say that đen Panther has defeated Captain America in almost all of their bouts, but there is a serious caveat: the two have never actually fought with the intent khổng lồ kill the other. Both Rogers & T"Challa have killed enemies in the past (Nazis, Skrulls, and other foes), & while both are reticent to lớn use deadly force, they will if they see no other recourse. But regardless of a lethal fight, Black Panther has defeated Steve Rogers repeatedly - but that doesn"t mean Captain America would go down without a fight.